The Legal Department: Your Business Lawyers

Who We Are

The Legal Department evolved out of the desire to occupy an uncommon space in the legal industry. As attorneys, we want to share knowledge and create long-term relationships with our clients as trusted advisors. In this role, The Legal Department changed the narrative of attorney-client relationships.

At our foundation is a deep understanding that relationships are essential to the success of the business owner, which is especially true for service-based businesses. A business must develop and adopt good business practices that shows its willingness to create and maintain beneficial business relationships, whether it’s relationships between owners, with clients and customers, with vendors, or with community partners.

In an industry where making money and winning are the prime objectives, The Legal Department’s singular focus on serving businesses that serve others through the exchange of information and relationship building is a revolutionary concept. Focusing on this type of client drives our continued pursuit of innovative ways to educate and serve our clients.

Laurie Lee
Owner, The Legal Department for Service Professionals, PA
Matthew Ferguson
Administrative Assistant