Who We Are, About The Legal Department

The Legal Department: We Are Experienced. We Serve Small Businesses in Florida.

At The Legal Department, we want to share knowledge and create long-term relationships with our clients as trusted advisors. Understanding that small business owners don’t always have access to quality legal advice, we at The Legal Department want to share knowledge and be a trustworthy source of information for small service-based business owners.

We have served over 450 small businesses in Florida and continue to serve more and more every year. In addition, we provide many educational opportunities including legal workshops, webinars, checklists, articles and other free resources to be used by small business owners to build a stronger legal infrastructure and help eliminate unnecessary risks.

Who We Are, About The Legal Department, Laurie Lee

President & Attorney

“The goal in life is not to attain some imaginary ideal; it is to find and fully use our own gifts.”
Gay Hendricks
Who We Are, About The Legal Department, Jena Crews

Director of Client & Community Connections

“I try to learn something from everybody. My heart is open, yes, but my mind is open, too.”

Dr. Frances Bartlett Kinne
Who We Are, About The Legal Department, Jessica Page

Executive Assistant

“You have to be willing to fall down, get up, look stupid, cry, laugh, make a mess, clean it up and not stop until you get there. No matter what.”

Jen Sincero