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Attorney Laurie Lee discusses topics concerning the small business community in our free monthly webinars. With expert guests sharing their stories and valuable information, Attorney Laurie Lee and guests shine light upon the issues prominent in our business lives today.

Webinar Series: Issues Facing Small Business Owners During Pandemic

In the business world, there has been a lot of deviation from our professional norms this year. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way our businesses operate and introduced new problems and situations that small business owners now have to navigate. With such unprecedented events comes the need for information, and that is what we have compiled in our 4-part COVID-19 webinar series: Legal Issues Affecting Small Businesses.

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Business Sales and Purchases

During these times of uncertainty, we are seeing an increase in business sales and purchases. Some business owners are deciding the time is right to sell and some purchasers are finding great deals and low-interest rates for financing.  It can be a good deal for all involved.  You have to remember not to let the feeling of “urgency” in society right now influence you to skip steps. No seller wants to get dragged back into the business when a problem occurs. And no buyer wants to step into a mess they didn’t see coming.  Crossing T’s and dotting I’s is always necessary.

with Bianca Evans, CBI and Senior Business Broker, Transworld Business Advisors

Recorded on June 2nd, 2020

Work-from-Home vs. Return-to-Work Employee Issues

Attorney Laurie Lee was joined by a panel of human resource specialists and our wonderful clients to discuss changes in the world of small businesses as we all undergo this new journey of returning to work. With policies changing and new rules being implemented, it can be difficult to adjust accordingly. New rules and employee guidelines
should be implemented; but how?

with Human Resource Specialist Shana Ryan, Conceptual HR Solutions 
Gina Schimpff, Founder, Be Still Float Studio
Mark McKenzie, Owner, Central Bark Jacksonville

Recorded on May 28th, 2020

Lease Issues During the Pandemic

We’ve received so many calls from small businesses struggling with making their rent payments during the shutdown.  Some landlords have offered rent “deferment” (you pay it back later – usually over a period of several months) and some have offered rent “abatement” (you don’t have to pay it back – they just reduce the rent amount to $0 for that month). Unfortunately, not all landlords are (or can) be accommodating. This leads to small business tenants finding themselves in default of the lease agreement. This problem isn’t going away as businesses start to reopen. Many businesses cannot open to full capacity and are still suffering significant revenue losses. Attorney Laurie Lee was joined by Trial Attorney Mary Scott to help break down this seemingly impossible problem.  

with Trial Attorney Mary Scott, Mary Scott Law

Recorded on April 30th, 2020

The Real Deal with Business Interruption Insurance

We’ve been seeing insurance companies denying claims for business interruption coverage due to COVID-19 closures.  While this is a complex legal analysis, we do think there can be valid claims for business interruption insurance under some current policies. Key factors are whether a policy has a virus exclusion and whether it has a provision for the actions of government officials. At this time, small businesses are looking at all their options for recovering lost revenues and this could be helpful for some of them.  We’ve teamed up with experienced Insurance Attorney Steven Bush to help our clients review their options.

with Insurance Attorney Steven Bush, The Bush Law Group, LLC

Recorded April 9th, 2020