Working With Us

Working with The Legal Department

We serve as your legal department whenever you need us. If you need us on a regular basis, we’re here. If you need us only occasionally, we’re here for those times, too. Working with The Legal Department means we get to know you and your business so we can help you figure out what you need to be successful. Whether it is reviewing a contract, negotiating a business deal, or getting you set up for a big change, we can provide long-term or short-term legal guidance and advice to our clients. We have three different fee models – all of which are fixed flat fees:

Paid Consultation

We offer a one-hour paid consultation for those times when you need some legal information. This is usually best suited for circumstances where you would like to know the rules and there are not a lot of moving parts to the situation. Sometimes, just pointing you in the right direction can help you make better business decisions.

Legal Project

When you are facing a situation or are wanting to take a step forward in your business, you may have a specific project for which you need legal assistance. These projects have a fixed fee that is determined by the scope and specific timeframe. Examples of these projects include:

Buying a Business

Starting a Business

Lease Reviews

Employee Agreements

Trademark Registration

Regulatory Compliance

Selling a Business

Ownership Agreements

Contract Review & Drafting

Independent Contractors

Service Agreements

Business Audits

Annual Membership

We offer a limited number of annual memberships to existing clients who want us to be accessible whenever they need us. The membership is best suited for clients who realize they don’t know what they don’t know and may not have the right questions to ask. We know the questions you should be asking, and the annual membership gives us the time to work through them with you.

You face uncertainty every day: What should I do? How do I handle this? What’s the best way forward? What am I missing? Is there risk here that I don’t need to take? You want to make better business decisions, reduce unnecessary bad risks and avoid catastrophic problems. We give you a place to come find answers and talk over options.

Each year we open a limited number of annual memberships for current clients who want the kind of guidance, education, and communication we can offer on a regular basis. The annual memberships are available at different levels, each with its own benefits and services. Clients with annual memberships have the ability to access an attorney when they need it, even if it’s just for a quick question.

That’s why you come to us as your Legal Department.

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