We are business lawyers in Jacksonville FL

  • Which industries?

    Our clients are highly educated and/or licensed and regulated.

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  • What do they know?

    Service professionals are experts in their fields, but they don’t know business laws.

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  • Who do we serve?

    Our clients are independent and privately-owned companies with less than 20 employees.

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  • Why only service?

    There are several reason why we only accept service companies as clients.

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Short Term

Big corporations spend thousands of dollars on legal fees. Even if a deal goes bad, they can absorb the losses. Small businesses don’t always have the resources to withstand a bad move. We provide them with legal advice so that they can be protected.

Long Term

It’s all building legal infrastructure in your business. These areas have to grow with the business and it is an on-going effort. It happens over time with the guidance of experienced business attorneys who understand how service firms function.

Why Should You Build Infrastructure?

  • It builds strength in your foundation so your business can support growth.
  • It promotes good business by creating successful business relationships (through solid and honest contracts).
  • It allows you to avoid problems, and for those that are unavoidable it can help you find an easier resolution.
  • It increases the value of the business, which is great for when it’s time to make a transition.

How exactly do we do this?

We serve as your legal department. Not as employees of your company, but as long-term advisors in helping you be successful. If you’ve got a short term issue, we can help with that, too. No matter what, we don’t do any hourly billing. It’s just not in our business model. Instead, we use a system that allows us to be transparent with costs, set honest expectations and encourage open communications with our clients. Our clients choose how they would like to work with us – on a limited project basis or over the course of a year. Both have advantages.

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The Legal Department is located in Jacksonville, Florida and provides legal advice to professional service businesses in the state of Florida. Professional service businesses include those businesses who provide specialized knowledge-based services.  We serve as their Chief Legal Officer and provide business law advice regarding necessary infrastructure to make a business strong.