Associate Business Attorney

When did you start working with The Legal Department?
2019. For the past year and a half, I owned and operated my own law firm. Prior to that, I was a 5th grade ELA teacher in Duval County.

What do you do at The Legal Department?
I’m an Associate Business Attorney; my goal is to provide high quality legal work for our clients.

What do you like most about what you do?
The service I provide to clients is super gratifying! I love tackling issues and solving problems in creative and comprehensive ways. The law can be so complex at times, and I love being able to break it down in its simplest form to provide the necessary advice, counsel, and tools for clients. In addition, the culture of the office is collaborative, rewarding, challenging, and innovative. Team members are pushed to explore and work at the top of their skill sets; we all work well with each other. The firm is always seeking new ways to stay a step ahead of the industry and is open to feedback and ideas.

Who are your favorite clients to work with?
I love working with high achieving individuals who are open minded, honest, active listeners, and kind. That’s everyone, right? Lol.

What is special or unique about helping professional service providers?
No one client is the same. Although all our clients are service professionals, the services they provide are different and they all bring unique perspectives to the table. They challenge you to seek creative strategies in solving their issues.

What are two words your friends would use to describe you?
Generous and Loyal!