Director of Operations

When did you start working with The Legal Department?
2018. For the 8 years or so prior, I had worked for big banks focused on operations and oversight. Before that, I spent 15 years at a leadership training company, also in operations.

What do you do at The Legal Department?
Continuing the trend, my role is all about operations! Each day it is something different. The exciting thing about being part of a small business is that your umbrella covers a variety of tasks. No day is the same. My ultimate goal, though, is to ensure that the business runs smoothly on a daily basis and is successful in the long term through the implementation of clear procedures and decisions.

What do you like most about what you do?
Oh my goodness – can I say everything? I feel like I walked into a house that has all these amazing pieces and I get to decide where they go! At The Legal Department, I get to work with really bright people and my work allows them to do their work more efficiently. What can I say? I have always enjoyed puzzles…it’s making something really orderly and beautiful from a group of really cool shaped pieces. I’m working in my own life-sized puzzle and I love it.

Who are your favorite clients to work with?
I love working with smart people who are open to new ideas and fresh ways of looking at things. When people have ideas that they are so passionate about and want to find a way to make it a reality – that is so cool!

What is special or unique about helping professional service providers?
They aren’t just looking to cash in on an idea; instead, they are so committed to this notion of creation and providing a service that to not see it happen is more than they can bear. Those people are my people.

What are two words your friends would use to describe you?
Funny & Smart!