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What do you do at The Legal Department?
As the Paralegal for The Legal Department, I aid our business attorneys in their legal work for all client matters. My primary role is handling entity formations and fostering trusted relationships with our clients throughout the projects they hire us for. From project start to finish, I serve as their main point of communication – providing updates and keeping them informed during the entity formation process. Following a matter’s closing, I maintain the relationships built with our clients by offering them our continued support and checking in with them often. Ensuring our clients feel cared for and looked after is a duty I value and take pride in within my role at TLD.

What do you like most about what you do?
The best part of my job is my wonderful team! I am impressed and inspired by the women of our firm every day. Each of us bring focused skills to the table and we are all passionate about making a difference in the lives of service providers whose goal it is to help others through their specialized businesses. Serving entrepreneurs in the Jacksonville business community alongside a team of successful women in business and law brings me fulfillment each day.

Who are your favorite clients to work with?
It is amazing to hear creative concepts from service professionals in their respective industries. Clients with an evolved vision and plan for execution ignite a spark in me, inspiring me for my own innovative ideas. Thinking “outside the box” is a unique skill that requires a problem-solver mindset and I find it fascinating and exciting when clients come to us with these kinds of ideas. Collaborating with clients and helping make their dreams come to life is a fantastic experience that brings great energy to our firm and our lives, it is wonderful to have the chance to interact with so many bright minds and personalities through our work.

What is special or unique about helping professional service providers?
Our professional service providers are like us, they thrive by helping their clients. They use their knowledge, expertise, and years of experience to make a difference in the lives of their customers, and when they come to us at TLD we get to do the same for them.

What are two words your friends would use to describe you?
Loyal. Empathetic.