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Marketing Specialist 

What do you do at The Legal Department?
As the Marketing Specialist for The Legal Department, I create space in an online world for The Legal Department to share its services with those in our community who need them most. By creating awareness about The Legal Department’s mission, business owners are able to make more informed decisions regarding who they hire to handle their legal matters.

What do you like most about what you do?
It is important to me to be able to utilize my creativity in my everyday life, including in my work. At The Legal Department, I am capable of using those creative skillsets to help small business owners in my community create, nourish, and grow thriving businesses they are passionate about.

Who are your favorite clients to work with?
It is my job as a storyteller to capture the essence of a client’s experience with The Legal Department and communicate it in a way that helps future clients determine if we are a good fit for their needs. Clients that are passionate about their business and eager to do everything in their power to keep it safe make telling their story that much easier.

What is special or unique about helping professional service providers?
I myself am a professional service provider. The Legal Department offers the kinds of services I have desperately needed throughout my career, so I am in a unique position to now assist those who, like me, need those services. It is hard sometimes to 1) admit that you need help, and 2) offer up your most sacred creation for someone to look at and point out potential flaws. But it is important to do exactly that to insure your business can run smoothly and flourish without tripping over legal roadblocks along the way. Realizing your dreams and creating an empire around them is hard work. It’s our job to help them along the way. 

What are two words your friends would use to describe you?
Loyal. Out of the Box.