People say that when you start a business, it’s like jumping off a cliff and trying to fly while you’re building your wings. Instead of wings, I say it’s more like trying to build an airplane. After all, you’re not alone, so you need space for people to ride with you, clients and employees.

So you jump off the cliff, start your business, and you’re trying to build your airplane as you learn to fly. But you have limited resources and even more limited time. You need to get everything going all at once. You’re resourceful, so you use what you have available, and your plane gets built with band-aids and toothpicks.

Which works for a while, but as your business grows, your revenues increase, your clients increase, you hire workers to help you; your plane gets heavier because it’s built with toothpicks and band-aids. It can’t support the weight of your growth.

You start to lose altitude, or you will soon if you don’t do something about it. You’ve got to put some infrastructure in place to strengthen your airplane. Go back and shore it up with solid metal, so it’s strong enough to support more revenues, more clients, more workers to help you serve those clients.

Putting legal infrastructure in place creates a stronger plane, which allows you to continue gaining altitude. If I just described you and your business, then it’s probably time to take action and build better legal infrastructure.
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