Law Can Give Your Business Structure

The law interacts with your business in so many ways, some you may not even be aware of.

When you are starting out and building your business, you probably had a tight budget and an even tighter schedule. You didn’t have the money or the time to put things in place. As your business has stabilized, you realize that you need to patch some holes in your infrastructure. You want to button things up before major problems happen. That’s the perfect time to see us.

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The reality is that most people take a lot of risks in the beginning – because they have no other choice. As the business matures, they start buttoning up and eliminating unnecessary risks. Hopefully, by the time they are well-established, they have good infrastructure in place and are low risk. The timeline is different for every business and depends on the owner’s actions; some can achieve low-risk quickly, others take decades.

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The seven critical areas we focus on to create legal infrastructure in your service firm:

Entity Structure »

Entity Structure

The type, organization, structure and governance of your business entity is the most basic aspect of your business foundation.
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Owner Relationships »

Owner Relationships

Without strong structure, guidelines or rules to establish expectations and accountability, business partners can pose a high risk of business failure.
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Client Relationships »

Client Relationships

Having direct, honest relationships (represented by clear service contracts) with your clients is the key to repeat business, referrals, and long-term success.
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Worker Relationships »

Worker Relationships

Relationships with those who serve your clients (i.e., employees or independent contractors) need to be represented by written contracts to protect you and your clients.
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Vendor Relationships »

Vendor Relationships

When you’re the client, understanding the agreement and how the relationship should work, as well as any ramifications if something goes wrong is critical.
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Regulatory Compliance »

Regulatory Compliance

Many service professionals are governed by specialized rules and regulations in addition to general regulations that must be followed by every business.
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Intellectual Property »

Intellectual Property

Copyrights and trademarks are two areas of intellectual property very important for helping service companies protect their business assets.
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Business Success »

Business Success

Each of these areas represent an opportunity for bad risks to jeopardize business success and happiness. Each of these areas also represent an opportunity to strengthen your business and support the success you desire.


At The Legal Department, we help our clients do risk assessments.

We aren’t coming from a “no risk is good” perspective because we know that some risk is necessary in business.  Our main goal is to help business owners avoid unnecessary bad risks and make better business decisions.

We don’t expect you to eliminate every risk that exists in your business.

That would be impossible! Instead, we want you to take smart risks. Smart risks are those that offer a truly valuable reward – they are not the risks that can push your business out of existence.

Are You Ready to Build a Stronger Business?

One that can support the weight of your growth?
One that can create great business relationships that can drive good business?
One that reduces the chances of problems occurring – or eases the resolution if they do occur?
One whose intrinsic value increases for when it’s time to transition?

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Our Unique Model of Services

You may have either a specific question or need to take a specific action to move your business forward.

Maybe you have been presented with a contract and need help understanding it before signing.

Maybe you need help structuring & negotiating an agreement to ensure protection.

Maybe you need help planning and getting set up for a big change that’s coming soon.

Maybe you need assistance with a contract written for a particular purpose.

Maybe you need help creating & structuring an agreement for new employee hiring.

What we prefer to do is help you build legal infrastructure to protect and strengthen your business over time. When growing your business, there are many different legal considerations. Having a long-term and consistent relationship with us allows us to help you build your business stronger at various points along the life cycle of your business.

You understand that you have some weak spots in your structure and it’s just a matter of luck that they have not yet caused havoc in your business. You’re not alone. Most businesses need to button up some areas.

The most successful businesses realize this and deal with it. They do what needs to be done to strengthen their business so that it can grow and support their goals – without taking unnecessary risks of failure.

We help small service companies manage their growth by establishing legal infrastructure in their businesses.  We conduct reviews of existing infrastructure and help our clients plan for implementing more infrastructure to create a stronger foundation.

It could be any number of things that you are facing right now. We do work on a project by project basis if you have an immediate need. In the short term, our goal is to help you take that step forward

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