Door #4

Door #4

Building Legal Infrastructure in Small Businesses

There’s a level of action you can and should do yourself. All you need is for us attorneys to show you how. This program is designed to be that resource for you.

We have designed the program so that each month you will implement one of the infrastructure projects we cover. If you want to do more than that, good. But this is not a rush job. You’re a busy business owner and we respect that.

Our goal is to put legal infrastructure in place one step at a time – month after month. Imagine all the strength and structure your business would have after just 12 months!

“When you start a business, you don’t exactly get a roadmap of everything you need to know, especially when it comes to legal questions. I have been down the rabbit hole of doing Google searches and have lost entire days just needing some guidance. This program keeps us focused on foundational issues one at a time and we’re making progress! We finally feel in control of our operations and as the owner I definitely sleep better at night.”

Michelle Tresemer –

We’ve been offering Door #4 as a resource to our current clients since January 2020. We are now opening it up to everyone. Here are some past topics we have covered in our Door #4 program:

  • How and When to Use Common Law Trademark Notices

  • How to Maintain Annual Governance for Business Entities

  • How to Manage Your Vendors

  • How to Structure Relationships with Independent Contractors

  • The Importance of Marking the End of Your Client Engagement

  • Strategy On Who Has Business Banking Privileges

  • Business Regulations: Florida Information Protection Act

  • Policy Creation: Keeping Business Data Secure

  • Ways You Need to Protect Client Confidentiality

  • PCI Compliance When Taking Credit Cards

  • Creating a Corporate Book/Company Book

  • How and When to Use Common Law Copyright Notices

  • Policy Creation: Work-From-Home Employees

  • How to Legally Use Client Testimonials

  • Types of Business Insurance You Need

  • Guidelines for Signing All Contracts

  • Pros & Cons of Having Clients Sign Waivers During Pandemic

  • Non-Competes vs. Non-Solicitations

  • How to Correctly Use Fictitious Names (d/b/a)

  • Why You Need a Durable Power of Attorney For Your Business

  • Estate Planning 101 for Small Business Owners

  • What Indemnification Means and Why It’s Important To You

  • Don’t Forget Your Local Business Taxes

  • Client Services Agreement: Central Parts It Must Have

  • Recording Keeping: Assets of Business

We have designed Door #4 to be beneficial to all small businesses no matter what stage you are in. There are 3 levels to choose from so there is a good chance that one of them will be the right fit for you.

Level 1: Program

This is the entry-level for Door #4. It includes monthly Door #4 sessions and support materials for both topics each month. If participants have questions, there is a 15-minute group Q&A at the beginning of each monthly session (questions and answers are in a group context and are not private or confidential).

Monthly Fee = $300

Commitment = None. 30 Day Notice to Cancel.


Level 2: Program + Support

This level includes the monthly Door #4 sessions and support materials, as well as unlimited legal consultations for one-on-one guidance and support. In addition to the group Q&A, participants at this level have access to confidential and private legal consultations to get their questions answered. Legal consultations are scheduled for phone or video conference.  

Participants have the ability to discuss their individual situations and get specific guidance privately.

Monthly Fee = $500

Commitment = None. 30 Day Notice to Cancel.


Level 3: Program + Support + Project

Participants at this level have access to all the Door #4 sessions and support materials, as well as unlimited one-on-one legal consultations. In addition, participants will have a credit of up to $3000 to apply towards a legal project during the last six months of a yearly enrollment. This option is most beneficial for business owners who know they will have at least one legal project during the course of the year.

Legal projects could include the creation of a new contract, improving an existing contract, reviewing and/or negotiating a contract, filing a federal trademark application, forming a new business entity, annual governance for a business entity, or many other similar attorney services.

Monthly Fee = $750

Commitment = 12 Months Minimum

**Very Important Note: We are only accepting 10 participants at each level of Door #4. We are limiting enrollment so that we can give high quality legal information and attention to each participant. Once a level is full, we will only allow new participants as spots become available.

Door #4 sessions will be held on the last Tuesday of each month at 8:30 am. The sessions will be recorded for participants who may not be able to attend in person. Each session will last approximately 75 – 90 minutes.

Every month we will cover two important topics on legal infrastructure. Each topic will include support materials, which may be in the form of checklists, templates, infosheets or resource lists. Participants will choose their infrastructure project for the month based on the topics covered and use the support materials to implement it.

The first 15 minutes of each session is a Q&A opportunity for participants to ask questions about past topics or implementation of infrastructure projects. Questions and answers during the Q&A are not confidential.

If you enroll now, you will be able to join the next Door #4 session. The next Door #4 Session is on the last Tuesday of this month.

Door #4 Session Dates

Tuesday, March 23, 2021 | 8:30 AM
Tuesday, April 27, 2021 | 8:30 AM
Tuesday, May 25, 2021 | 8:30 AM
Tuesday, June 22, 2021 | 8:30 AM
Tuesday, July 27, 2021 | 8:30 AM
Tuesday, August 24, 2021 | 8:30 AM

Door #4 FAQ’s:

How am I billed?

When you enroll in Door #4, you will be billed automatically each month for the program fees. At the time of your initial enrollment, the automatic recurring billing will be set up with a credit card or electronic bank draft.

What if I have questions during the program?

For all 3 levels of Door #4, there is a 15 minute Q&A at the beginning of each monthly session. The questions and answers will not be confidential. For participants in Level 2: Program + Support and Level 3: Program + Support + Project, they can get questions answered confidentially by scheduling a one-on-one legal consultation.

How do legal consultations work?

Legal consultations are scheduled for no more than an hour at a time and are conducted via phone or video conference. For participants in Level 2: Program + Support and Level 3: Program + Support + Project, unlimited legal consultations are included in your program fees. For Level 1: Program participants, each legal consultation costs $300. Legal consultations do not include contract reviews or drafting. They are meant to answer questions, give individualized guidance and offer support and advice for next steps.

How do my project credits work?

For participants in Level 3: Program + Support + Project, you have up to $3000 to apply towards a legal project during the last six months of your yearly enrollment. A legal project can be any number of things so be sure to discuss your needs with us in advance. As a normal practice, The Legal Department only charges flat fees for our services. This means that our fees are already on schedules that are pre-determined, which makes it easy to budget and plan. You do not have to decide about your legal project(s) at the time of enrollment. You can decide to use your credits when you need them as long as it’s during the last six months of your enrollment.

Do I have to be located in Florida to join Door #4?

Door #4 is designed to address the needs of Florida businesses, but that does not necessarily mean you have to physically be located in Florida. Our clients come from all over the state – and sometimes out of state, if they have significant business activity within the state. If you do business in Florida, this program could be a good fit for you.