Door #4

Door #4

It’s All About Being a Better Business Owner

Have you always wanted to do it the “right” way? 

This is your chance to learn how to protect your business and put legal infrastructure in place. Our newly developed program teaches YOU to do it yourself. There are certain things you can do without hiring an attorney. This new program opens the door for you and shows you simple ways to do it “right” for your own business!

Door #4

If you have a small service-based professional business with under 20 employees and would like to grow and improve your business infrastructure, our Door #4 program is perfect for you! We know that not everyone fits into a box. If you offer specialized services, contact us to see if it is in an industry we serve.

Examples of service based professional businesses:

Who we help

Are you a Flyer or a Grounder?

When you first started your business, did you take a lot of risks? Were you comfortable figuring things out as you went along but knew there were some things you just didn’t know? Did you feel like there was so much to focus on that you prioritized the things that made you money over structure? You knew that your business needed to be legally sound but you didn’t have the resources to put everything in place. Do you feel like it’s time to stabilize your business and put some foundations in place? If this describes you and your business, then you are an Established Flyer.

 Are you running a start -up, and want to have a solid infrastructure in place before (or shortly after) you start? Do you tend to air on the side of caution and avoid taking unnecessary risks? Do you prefer to have everything lined up and planned out so you don’t have to worry? Do you want to build your business from the ground up? If this describes you and your business, then you are a Start-Off the Grounder.

Whether you identify with an Established Flyer or a  Start-Off the Grounder, Door #4 can help you and your business! 

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Door #4 Introductory Webinar

Tuesday, March 2nd at 10:30 AM
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Why are we doing this

Our clients are smart, sophisticated service professionals. They want to do the right thing and they don’t get intimidated by details. I believe there are steps every business owner can (and should) take to help protect their business and make it stronger.

Doors We’ll Open

Our Legal Infrastructure map (below) illustrates how important certain areas are to building a legally strong business. We’ll show you simple ways to build legal infrastructure into your business. These are for every size business – not just the big ones.

Infrastructure graphic

Door #4 FAQ’s:

Why do I need legal help?

Even if you’ve never had legal problems in the past, you certainly don’t want any in the future. Having information you need helps you make better business decisions every day. Good legal information allows small business owners to see opportunities as well as avoid problems.

What kind of information do you cover?

In Door #4 we cover 7 critical areas of legal infrastructure for small service-based businesses. This includes government regulations, entity governance, client relationships, owner relationships, vendor relationships, worker relationships, and intellectual property. Each of those areas covers a lot and our program includes the “icing level” of information for each of them.

What kind of business is this designed for?

We have designed Door #4 to be relevant to small professional service firms. The content and context we discuss will specifically relate to service-based businesses. As for the size of the business, we’ve tailored it to “small” businesses which we define as having less than 20 employees.

How many businesses can join?

In order to provide a quality program to all attendees, we are limiting enrollment to 10 businesses for each of the 3 levels. For instance, Level 1 will only have space for 10 businesses, Level 2 will only have space for 10 businesses and Level 3 will only have space for 10 businesses. This will allow us to provide personalized attention to each business in the program.

Is there a contract to sign?

Because we practice what we preach, yes there will be a contract for you to sign. That is the best way we can protect your confidentiality and our intellectual property. Even though you will sign a contract, you can cancel your enrollment at any time with 30 days’ notice.

Will this information be hard to understand?

All information we give you through the Door #4 program is at the “icing level” which means that you will be fully capable of understanding and implementing the information. For every topic we cover, we provide support materials, which can include a checklist, an infosheet, a template, or directions. We break it down, give you the essentials you need to know to make good business decisions.

Will the action items take a lot of time?

Some will take some time and some won’t. Almost all of them can be accomplished during the month when you can set a little bit of time aside each week. The important thing is that you get one thing done each month – you’re building infrastructure one step at a time.

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We are offering a FREE webinar on March 2nd at 10:30 am to explain how Door #4 works so you can decide if you want this resource for your business. To learn more about Door #4 or to register for our upcoming webinar, click here.