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They offer their expertise, personal effort, talent, skill, time and knowledge to their clients. They are entrepreneurial and have their own businesses.

They don’t sell a physical “thing” – they sell their abilities. They have relationships with their clients. They are all in the business of helping others.

And we are in the business of helping them. Because we think they’re special and we enjoy looking out for them and protecting them.

We do this by building your legal infrastructure and helping you establish a strong foundation to support growth.

We are small business lawyers in Jacksonville FL

You want your company to be stable and protected, while also trying to achieve your desired growth rate.

We want to know your goals and help you build infrastructure to achieve them.

You want to make better business decisions, reduce unnecessary bad risks and avoid catastrophic problems.

We want to protect you and give you the information you need to steer a clear path.

You face uncertainty every day: What should I do? How do I handle this? What’s the best way forward? What am I missing? Is there risk here that I don’t need to take?

We give you a place to come find answers and talk over options.

Our clients are highly educated and have specialized areas of expertise; but you recognize the need for trusted advisors to help fill gaps.

You don’t know what you don’t know. You need someone who does.
That’s why you come to us as your Legal Department.

Size of the Business Matters

We have a size requirement because we feel that private, independent businesses need special guidance that takes into account their size and growth rate. Some of our clients have one employee – and others have up to 20 employees. They are successful businesses and continue to grow and improve themselves. While we do accept a few chosen start-ups, most of our clients are established businesses.

When Do Clients Come to See Us?

The Established Flyers: Most of our clients come to us once they’ve been in business for several years. They started their firms and took a lot of risks at the beginning. They were comfortable figuring things out as they went along – but they knew there were things they didn’t know. The challenge was that there was so much to focus on that they had to choose the priority that made them money. They knew that they needed to do things legally sound but there wasn’t resources to put everything in place. Now they want to stabilize and they know it’s time to put some foundations in place. No more building with toothpicks and bandaids – they know their growth needs to be supported by strong infrastructure. So they come to us to help them put that structure in place. They can then continue to grow without fear of collapse.

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The Start-Off the Grounders: Just a few of our clients are start-ups. But they are special start-ups – the kind that know they need to build infrastructure and they want it in place before (or shortly after) they start. They don’t accept as much risk. These are the types of personalities who like to have everything lined up so they don’t have to worry. They want to build from the ground up. These are the only start-ups we serve because they know that the structure we offer is important and they are willing to prioritize getting it done.

Whichever type you are, now is the time to start building your legal infrastructure.

Business Attorneys

Our office is in Jacksonville but our clients are located throughout Florida.

We use technology to our advantage, allowing us to easily communicate with our clients around the state. Video conferencing means that we can have meetings without being bound by locations.

The type of business owner who wants to work with us appreciates our knowledge, experience, and the way that we provide advice and guidance.

Sample Industries

Our clients are highly educated, dedicated to their profession, and licensed and/or regulated.

  • Accounting
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Interior Design
  • Law Firms
  • Industrial Design
  • Education
  • Consulting
  • Software Development
  • Technology
  • Marketing & Design
  • Advertising
  • Real Estate
  • Health & Fitness (but not medical)
  • Insurance
  • Coaching
  • Public Relations
  • Veterinary

We know that not everyone fits into a box. If you offer specialized services, contact us to see if it is in an industry we serve.

Service providers offer specialized & personalized service.

Relationships are critical for service providers; we get that.

Relationships with clients.
Relationships with workers.
Relationships with vendors.

Service businesses benefit most from healthy business relationships.

Relationships are represented in contracts.
Contract = Better Relationship

Creating direct, honest and solid contracts help our clients create more productive relationships.


Core Ideals:

  • Be direct and honest in your relationships.
  • Manage expectations.
  • Deliver what you say you’ll deliver.
Wow! I can't say enough about the Laurie and The Legal Department. I used them to finalize contract negotiations when I sold my business. Every... step of the way I felt protected.Laurie was fair and reasonable; accommodating most of the time, but a pit-bull when needed! If you are selling a business, you can't do any better than this great team!read more
Gary D.
Gary D.
The best friend a small business can have! Explained all options (in plain english) and I felt my best interests were represented. Made me feel... comfortable with the decision I had to make. Cannot recommend high more
Diane Faulkner
Diane Faulkner
Nice and knowledgeable!
Tonisha Landry
Tonisha Landry
I have worked with a handful of attorneys in the past few years. Laurie is fantastic! Very thorough and hands down runs she the most organized law... firm I have more
Jason A. Duprat
Jason A. Duprat
Laurie, was very professional and knowledgable. She has everything you need laid out in small digestible pieces. She made sense of the legal... situation for more
Walk-in Wedding Chapel
Walk-in Wedding Chapel
Laurie was a great help and I look forward to working with her in the future.
Blair Gordon
Blair Gordon
Laurie and team helped us with our business, Flour + Fig Bakehouse, as we were preparing to grow and open a retail location. Very professional,... thorough, a pleasure to work more
Kurt D'Aurizio
Kurt D'Aurizio
Great advice and knowledge of business law. They helped us setup our company and were always ready to answer any questions that came up along the... more
Bo Kikendall
Bo Kikendall
We are very fortunate to have her as our attorney. She had counseled us on important corporate initiatives and had provided thorough guidance on all... aspects of company formation, partnership agreements and other areas. Look forward to continuing our positive more
Triedata Inc
Triedata Inc
Great firm! We have utilized Laurie and her team several times over the last two years, always attentive and goes the extra mile to ensure a clear... understanding of our more
Jim Satterwhite
Jim Satterwhite
I have worked with Laurie for a number of years and I must say that she understands law from a business persons perspective. Every time I have an... issue to discuss with her she not only discusses the legal aspects of the issue but she discusses the business ramifications. That is a rare quality in a legal firm. Understanding how a decision will affect our business helps us make the right decision for our firm. Thanks Laurie for all you do!read more
John Harman
John Harman
Laurie helped us during the initial steps of setting up our corporation and with our lease review process. It is good to have someone to turn to... that knows all the bases you need to cover. She is always attentive and available and demonstrates true regards toward your more
SightHealth Primary Eyecare
SightHealth Primary Eyecare
We have worked with Laurie on HR related forms and other matters and she has been wonderful. It has been extremely nice to know prices before... starting a project; it’s nice to ask a question without worrying about how much I’m about to add to my bill. Have recommended her firm to others and will continue to do more
John E
John E
My experience with Laurie Lee was nothing short of awesome. She has assisted me with multiple business matters. She is knowledgeable and easily... accessible, both of which are important to me. I have already recommended her to more
Cindy Lasky
Cindy Lasky
Laurie and her team have been a great and trusted resource for our company. They offer the ideal services and rates for small businesses and really... care about their clients. Hire them without hesitation!read more
Joe Sampson
Joe Sampson
Laurie is a wonderful attorney who knowledgeable in business law.
Debra Hill
Debra Hill