Working with The Legal Department

We know that small professional firms are special – because we are one of them! As service providers, we have unique legal needs. We know how to help with those needs and we know the issues that our clients face in their businesses.

We use our first-hand knowledge to focus in on finding ways to help our clients grow and protect their businesses.
We all know the law is complicated. The information we give to our clients is usually not simple. There are twists and turns, and exceptions and what-ifs. That is how the law works.

When we advise our clients, we take complicated information and present it in a simplified and organized way. Yes, our clients are professionals and highly educated and can understand the most complicated of materials – but they don’t always have time to spend on it

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Our services are provided to our clients for a particular purpose. Our clients may need legal assistance with a specific short-term issue, or they may need help building their legal infrastructure over time so that their business can support growth.

Because we can provide long-term or short-term legal guidance and advice to our clients, we have two fee models – both of which are fixed fees.

Project Basis

For clients who need a quick answer or help with a specific project, we offer our services on a short term basis. Depending on the issue, one of the below methods will be recommended.

  • Strategy Session

    We offer a strategy session (up to 3 hours) for those situations that have more complexity and we need time to brainstorm together. It may be that we need time to go over the large number of facts involved, the legal rules are complicated, or it may be that you have many choices that we can help you narrow down. Please note that the strategy session does not involve any document review.

  • Assessment

    An assessment is usually appropriate if you would like us to review several documents to determine a particular answer. While we do assessments for many reasons, a common example is an audit of your governing documents to determine whether you have complied with all requirements to keep your liability shield in place. An assessment can help with peace of mind or it can help you to know where you need to put some resources and take action.

  • Project Basis

    When you are facing a situation or are wanting to take a step forward in your business, you may have a specific project for which you need legal assistance. These projects have a fixed fee that is determined by the scope and specific timeframe. Examples of these projects include:

    Buying a Business
    Selling a Business
    Starting a Business
    Ownership Agreements
    Lease Reviews
    Contract Review & Drafting
    Employee Agreements

    Independent Contractor Agreements
    Trademark Registration
    Service Agreements
    Technology Agreements
    Regulatory Compliance
    Entity Governance

Infrastructure Plans

For our clients who want to invest in their business by building legal infrastructure, we offer a one-year service package. Each package is custom designed to fit the specific needs of the particular business. For example, a package may include one or more of the seven areas of legal infrastructure for us to work on building throughout the year. Each business will have a different priority depending on where it is in the business life cycle.

The fixed fee for the one-year service package varies depending on the scope of services included. To help our clients manage their cash flow, the one-year fixed fee is divided into twelve equal monthly payments.

The one-year service package is beneficial for service professionals who have a vision for their business and long-term goals they want to accomplish. The structure of our service package allows us to assist them over time, giving us the opportunity to get to know their business well enough to be an on-going trusted advisor – and to truly serve as their Legal Department.

The law is complicated and businesses need customized legal services to address their particular circumstances. For this reason, we don’t rely on one-size-fits-all form contracts or documents. We know what works for one business does not necessarily work for another. We know you need unique advice for your particular business.

Still have questions? Read our Frequently Asked Questions Section.

Fixed Fees

We have a business model that uses fixed fees for our services. Depending on whether you have an Infrastructure Plan or you have engaged us on a project basis, fixed fees allow us to work together in a direct and honest relationship.

Please remember that our fixed fees include all communications with you – emails, calls, meetings. We don’t charge extra to communicate with you – we need to communicate to do a great job, so we encourage our clients to reach out to us whenever there are questions and we’ll do the same.


We have found that hourly billing does not create a good strong relationship between attorney and client. In fact, it is counterproductive most of the time.

The client, being focused on the hourly fee, tries to minimize cost by reducing communications.
The attorney, under pressure to increase billable hours, is not in a hurry to be efficient and mindful of time.
Neither are acceptable ways to provide quality legal services and build lasting relationships with clients.

Our fixed fee model is a win win for everyone.

Our fixed fee model allows our clients and our attorneys to focus on being successful with the end result, without having to worry about mis-communication or even non-communication. It allows us to provide the best possible service while allowing our clients to rely on a fixed cost.


Our office is located in Jacksonville, but we can serve clients throughout Florida. Use of technology, such as video conferencing, make it easy for busy professionals and those that are not located close to our office.

  • “Best attorney to work with. A real gem. The satisfaction of knowing my business started on a good legal foundation.”
    Jody Layne
  • “It is a great learning experience. Laurie is very professional and able to provide the right advice and direction.”
    Vasanthi Manneru
  • “I found The Legal Department to be very easy to work with and extremely professional in their service delivery. We will certainly work with their firm well into the future!”
    Robert Bitterli